Ragas are derived from scales, so let’s begin by trying to understand what a scale is.

A scale is a musical theme created by choosing a specific set of notes. Think of the twelve notes in an octave as twelve different colors. Now, what if you chose only a few…

Some ragas are more difficult to master than others. This could be because they involve difficult note intervals, because they use complex note patterns, because they use microtones, because they are too similar to other ragas, or other reasons.

This page explores a few such ragas. Ragas like Hamsadhwani, Kedar…

In Hindustani (North Indian) classical music, the most common way to classify a raga is under ten parent scales (called thaat). A thaat is no more than a seven-note scale including one each of the seven notes sa re ga ma pa dha ni (the Indian equivalents of do re…


I study, write about, and make audiovisual content to explain Indian classical music. My website: https://raag-hindustani.com

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